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Gold Coast VoIP uses the Internet to send and receive phone calls, releasing you from all the big, expensive phone companies.


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Internet Protocol Telephony (VoIP)

Can't seem to find a VoIP solution that fits your budget?

At Gold Coast VoIP we understand finding cheap, reliable VoIP solutions can be difficult. We may have the business solution you've been looking for.

Join a growing number of Gold Coast businesses that we have helped find an affordable solution within our extensive range of business services and in turn provide them with substantial savings on call rates.

To help create the perfect business solution for you, we can recommend a VoIP plan that best matches your businesses requirements. If you have a previous phone bill lying around, be certain to compare what you’re paying now with our cheap call rates and see how much you could be saving your business by signing up with us right now!

Hosted Phone System - ePBX

Whether you're starting a new business or upgrading your phone system, Gold Coast VoIP is the answer for great deals on all your business communication needs.

Enjoy the benefits of a complete Internet protocol telephony system with all the traditional features of a PABX, without the expensive maintenance and set up costs. What's ePBX? click here to learn more about eBPX.

Office & Business VoIP Solutions

Trusted VoIP Provider on the Gold Coast

IP Telephony (Internet Protocol Telephony)

Would you like to increase the efficiency of communications in your office & benefit from fantastic savings?

As a locally based communications company we fully understand the importance of having reliable, cost-effective infrastructure in place to communicate with customers, staff and suppliers.

Sign up now and start receiving great value with affordable call rates on local & national calls for only 10¢, untimed, anytime.

Gold Coast VoIP are an authorised engin reseller based on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

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Need a cost effective VoIP Solution for your business?

Gold Coast VoIP are dedicated to providing coast effective VoIP solutions for business at affordable prices.

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