Gold Coast VoIP uses the Internet to send and receive phone calls, releasing you from all the big, expensive phone companies.


Term & Conditions

You have ordered the engin plan and any selected hardware. Your Engin service will be automatically activated once your application has been credit approved. If your order is declined the hardware will not be dispatched and we may contact you for further information.

Engin will automatically assign a number to your service on activation, For information on your Rights of Use of this number you can refer to our Standard Form of Agreement. Extra equipment may be required for the Engin service to be compatible with your set up.

Please be aware making & receiving calls with your voice service are classified as uploads and downloads with your ISP. Engin cannot guarantee that the Calling Number Display can be blocked when making Engin to Engin calls. We recommend that you listen for the engin dial tone, a long flat tone, if you wish to make calls using your engin broadband phone service.

In the event of a power or Internet service failure you will not be able to make calls to 000 or use the Engin service. If your Engin service has been barred, you will not be able to make 000 emergency calls. Engin therefore recommends that you do not disconnect your landline service. Furthermore Engin does not offer Priority Assistance for life threatening medical conditions. We recommend you always check for the Engin dial tone before making a call.

You will receive all invoices via email on (3rd, 10th, 17th, or 24th) of every month. Your first invoice will include one month's service fee in advance and a pro-rated charge from activation date until your invoice date.

Payment will be automatically debited from your nominated credit card on or around 15 days from the invoice date. (If you are paying via BPAY, you are responsible for paying the charges on the prescribed date, and you may be charged penalties for late payment). You must notify us immediately of any changes to your credit card and/or personal details.

In the event that you have ordered hardware, Australian Air Express will deliver your hardware in approximately 3 - 5 working days. You will be charged a non refundable postage and handling fee of $14.95 for each consignment.

In signing up to Engin, you acknowledge that you waive your protection and rights under the Customer Service Guarantee. As a trade off Engin offers you cheap call rates, technical support and a 30-day trial period. If your service is interrupted due to an Engin outage you can contact us for a `time without service' credit.

If you wish to disconnect your Engin service you are required to give us 30 days notice, unless you wish to cancel within the 30 Day trial period. You can contact the Customer Relations team between 8am and 6pm Sydney time on any business day. If your service is disconnected within 12 months of activation, excluding the 30 day trial period and you have chosen a contract option you will be charged the difference of the recommended retail price of the hardware of the amount originally paid.